Yadoru KYOTOさんより投稿いただきました

Relaxing time with a cup of coffee in Machiya. Home-roasted special coffee — Konaya Coffee
This Machiya which has cool looking white and green curtains is a Homemade coffee shop.
Getting into the shop, relaxing music welcomes you.
This cafe is perfect for a break time and breakfast on the weekend.

Yadoru KYOTOさんより投稿いただきました

The packages of their goods is warmth — Konaya Coffee
These packages and a shop curtain are hand made by the owner.
You can see a coffee roaster and a siphon coffee maker up close and the owner gives some explanation.
If you are interested in coffee making, this is where exaclty you should come to once!


Freshly brewed iced coffee made by using coffee shaker — Konaya Coffee
Once you order a glass of iced coffee, they use a coffee shaker to make iced coffee.
The taste is quite refreshing which definetly will make you want another glass!